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Why Whiskey? Why Not?

While we know the benefits of whiskey bringing people together, did you know a glass of whiskey is also good for your health? Developed in medieval Scotland and Ireland, whiskey was originally called Uisge Beath, or “water of life”.

Read below to find out why this is the perfect translation for our favorite beverage!

Here's to Your Health!

Whiskey. It's good for your heart.

Whiskey contains polyphenols, which are plant-based antioxidants that have been known to increase "good" cholesterol and decrease "bad" cholesterol, as well as reduce triglycerides. So, raise a glass and drink to the prevention of heart disease and stroke!

Whiskey. It good for your brain.

Here's a whiskey fact you'll be happy to remember. Studies have shown that people who drink one or two alcoholic beverages a day, including whiskey, have a 50% lower chance of developing dementia.

Whiskey. It's good for your immune system.

The Scots have known it for ages - whiskey helps fight colds. In addition, with its many antioxidants that are known to destroy cancerous cells, whiskey decreases the risk of cancer. We'll drink to that!

Whiskey. It's good for your mood.

Stress can lead to a variety of health issues, such as physical pain, heart disease, and stroke. A glass of whiskey can help reduce stress levels, which results in an overall positive impact on your health and mental well-being. This may be our favorite whiskey health benefit!

Whiskey. It's good for your body.

With no fat, no carbs, and almost no sugar, Whiskey is a perfect drink if you're on a diet. And, even better, drinking a moderate amount of whiskey can decrease your chance of developing diabetes by 30 - 40 percent.

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Whiskey. It's good for your digestion.

Not only does drinking whiskey after a large meal help ease an upset stomach and indigestion, it also helps to stimulate the stomach's ability to break down food. Who knew!?

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